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Boom Beach, save your island from the powerful enemies


Very few video games are released in the market that can be played by the elder ones and kids.  Boom Beach is one of the few games, which is not only the favorite game to the game lovers, but also women and children can enjoy. You will travel through exotic islands with your troop in the game to save your island from all the enemies. Get ready for an epic battle to win your beach back. The game is full of adventures in every step. It is highly addictive and you will not only enjoy doing high action battles but the breath taking island location will also take you to a completely another world. Here are the detailed reviews of the game.


You can play Boom Beach in Android 4.0.3 and higher, iOS 7.0 and up, Windows XP, 7, 8.


What is it?

The location of the game is Exotic Island which is now invaded by enemy clam. You have to fight those powerful enemies in order to get back the beautiful paradise. But in this process you will also discover that the island had ancient magical powers. You have to be careful in every step as the enemies are really strong and they are planning to destroy you in every step. You have to ruin their plans. The game requires you to concentrate.

What’s great?

Supercell who developed the game made Boom Beach on the same lines of their already successful game Clash of Clans. This game is of course more modern version of that game. It looks very polished and really well designed. The game has simple rules which are really easy to understand. You will enjoy your defeat and victories while playing the game. It will give you a real sense of power as you will control your troop in war. You can also use a support ship that will shoot flares. This is a really exciting feature which everyone will enjoy.

This game is one of the few iOS games, which really engages you and makes you think about your next plans and strategies. There are not many games out there like this one. Boom Beach can give you all the thrills you need from a game. The best part is that you do not need to learn anything to play the game, there is no complex stunts or anything like. Just old and simple war tricks which you will get used to as the game progresses. The only negative point is that when you start out you do not have all the power over your own troop. So this may frustrate some people.

This android and iOS game is free to download, but you have to pay for some exciting features.

Our overall verdict of the game is its highly enjoyable and even suitable for children as the violence is much less here compare to other war games.


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